The most exciting survivor pool in March for college basketball fans
More than 90% of brackets are busted after the first weekend leaving fans sitting - not playing. Ulli (pronounced You-Lee) keeps fans engaged to the Final Four with fresh picks each round, live rankings and trash talk within your pool. Download for free and jump into the madness!
It's easier than fantasy sports - you're not managing a whole team, just pick a few teams to win each round. But unlike traditional pools where your whole bracket is busted after the first weekend, in Ulli you get fresh picks - but you have to survive!
9/10 players say they will never play a traditional pool again
How to play
Your pool is password protected so that only people you know can join the fun.
Create a Private Group
Sick of being out after the first round? Ulli keeps fans engaged all the way to the Final Four with fresh picks, rewards for upsets and live rankings each round.
No More Busted Brackets
Unlike typical fantasy apps, you don't have to leave the Ulli app in order to chat. Everyone in your group can join the banter all tourney long.
Talk Smack in
Group Chat
Create a group as the admin or join an existing group
How to Play
Pick a few teams to advance each round - but you can never pick the same team twice
Winning pick's seeds are added to your total earned points (so more points for upsets!)
Three losses and you're out
The player who survives with the most points wins
Start your pool today and play for free
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